May 2021 Update

Hi everybody!

Its been about 9 months since I’ve last posted here. I promise I’ve still been painting (you can check out my instagram for proof), but I’ve been busy finishing my last semesters of college too 🙂

To keep things short and sweet, here’s a list of some thing’s I’ve done in the past year

  • Sold my first few original paintings
  • Did my first commissioned painting
  • Painted at the beach, at the palisades, at a bunch of fields, ponds, and parks
  • Graduated college!

And here are some things I hope to accomplish in the next month

  • Update this website with more recent paintings
  • Paint a lot
  • Make a few more blog posts
  • Publish my Etsy shop

And that is all for now! 

a photo of me graduating TCNJ
Here’s me with my currently empty diploma case